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Following the government’s most recent announcement of our Tier 2 categorisation, may we confirm that we can no longer accept bookings of more than one household, for any reservation, inside. The rule of a maximum of 6 guests on a table also still applies. These regulations will be reviewed in four weeks time - as we understand it.

Whilst we are doing the best to follow the government’s current procedures and guidelines, we are obliged to inform you that you are responsible for your own booking and for managing your own reservation in line with the rules that have been set out. We are here to deliver great hospitality and will accept reservations in good faith, and an understanding that you have checked in advance the guidelines, and are following them accordingly.

We'd like to encourage all our guests (within your households and bubbles) to support your Yellow Broom and the hospitality industry wherever possible.

After months of closure our industry is struggling - especially with the continual reduction in hours that we can now operate and the reduction in guests we can now serve - often missed in the press.

Never before have we needed your support as an industry quite so much!

Anyway, thank you to all of our wonderful loyal guests who continue to support us during these challenging times and for all your understanding.

We hope to see you all soon Very Best Wishes

Nathalie, Russell & The Yellow Broom Team

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