Kermincham Hall – Black Welsh Mountain Lamb


Just a short walk from the Yellow Broom is the Harman Families small holding at Kermincham Hall. They decided to breed Black Welsh Mountain sheep as a hobby and now have a flock of 25 pure bred ewes. These sheep are notoriously hardy and friendly and therefore work well in a small farm environment.

image005Debroah, Mark & James rear these sheep as naturally as possible using traditional techniques and lots of love. With very little chemical intervention the ewes and lambs are feeding on some of the best grass in the Dane Valley area.

Their 40 acre plot is of varied terrain and borders the River Dane an area of outstanding natural beauty and recorded as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. A footpath following the Dane Valley Walk meanders through this area, so you can see this all for yourself. Look out for the Ewes as we circulate them around the fields throughout the year.

Debroah, husband Mark and son James take part in helping Debroah rear very happy and healthy sheep and lambs. We lamb throughout March and April each year so this is a very busy and anxious time for them but the lambs are such fun and so cute much better in black!

We currently have Kermincham Lamb on our menu and we would love you to come try it!

Kermincham Hall, Forty Acre lane, Kermincham, CW4 8DX.


onionringKermincham Hall – Black Welsh Mountain Lamb